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Welcome Home!

To Connect To Our Minecraft Server:


We have a friendly admin and a friendly player base. Join us lets build and fight together.

We will host seasonal events for all to take part and if you feel like making a donation we offer great perks which include many in-game items and a special role in-game and in discord and your own voice channel. But even if you are unable to donate it free to join us and have fun! ​

Staff Members

  • Owner: Sienna Smith (Discord IGN)

  • Co-Owner: GriffTheThird (Discord IGN)

  • Head Admin/Dev: Undoniable (Discord IGN)

  • Head Discord Admin: Delboy Spencer (Discord IGN) Crazy_Gaming205 (Discord IGN)

  • Moderators: Crazy_Gaming205 (Discord IGN)


Minecraft Connection Details:

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